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counting down the days...

Sevendust! Next Thursday is going to be fuckin sweet. Driving up to Orlando just to see them and Skindred play.. I. Am. So. Excited! Anyone else here going to that show?? I've never been to the HOB before....
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HOB orlando is a really cool place. its all voodoo-themed. and yes i'm going to that show, the one in tampa the day before too!
I am in North Carolina and I am making a special trip to New Orleans , La to see 7dust Friday nite at New Orleans House of Blues. It will be the 7th time I have seen them in 5 different cities from Atlanta, Ga all the way to Hollywood , Ca and places in between. I know you will enjoy the house of blues in Orlando. Seeing 7dust in such a venue is upclose and personal and will be a nite to remember for sure. Have a blast and be carefull