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New Orleans Bound....

Hello to all 7DUST junkies like myself....I am on the way to New Orleans, La to see the 3rd show on the new tour at the HOB New Orleans. I have seen 7DUST 4 times there now and it is the best place I have seen any 7DUST show but just to say...all the shows have kicked major ass. I am catching a plane 5pm in Raleigh, NC and flying into New Orleans by 6:10pm there time...I am going straight to burbon street . I am meeting up with some of my good friends in new orleans that i haven't seen in 7 months. It should be so much fun. The only thing is I wish my baddass girlfriend could make the trip with me. She too, is a huge 7DUST fan. I cannot wait till we see them together sooner than later. Me and my girl have been together 5 months today. I tell you I am happier than I have ever been and think she is the rockin ass chick that i will enjoy for my whole life and spend many concerts together in the future.

I am new to LJ and to this community. If anyone want to add me to their friend list, just make sure you are 1) cool and 2)a 7DUST fan

I plan on writing a nice review of the New Orleans show probably Monday april 11th. Tune In to read!!!!
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