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so i got to meet morgan, lajon, and sonny tonight at wild woody's in roseville, mi. they were there promoting the new cd. well my boyfriend and his best friend are good friends with the guys so we got to hang out with them for most of the night. i got hugs and kisses from lajon, and some killer hugs from morgan and sonny. they are so awesome.

there was a really cool person there to see sevendust though. i believe she was for the most part blind. i didn't talk to her personally but i know she was there to see the guys. lajon and morgan talked to her a lot and thanked her for coming and i gave up my drum stick that was signed by morgan and lajon to give to her. it made me feel good. im so glad the guys are so nice like they are.

i can honestly say that are some of the coolest people i have ever met. they are so layed back and talk to everyone. their music is amazing. between morgans drumming and lajon's voice and sonny and john jammin' on guitar and vinney on bass. together they make an amazingly talented band.

meeting the guys in person definatly gave me a different view of the guys and made me love them even more.

to top off my night. i was listening to 101.1 the wrif and i thought id call in. i asked if they could play pieces by sevendust and he was like im sorry we have the cd but my manager has it locked up but i can definatly play it for you tomorrow. and he asked me if i had went to see sevendust at wild woodys and i said yea i was hanging out with them for most of the night and i told him they were headed to annapolis for another thing like this and how much fun i had. and he was like ya know what ill put ugly on for you and i said i appreciate it because im on my way home and he asked my name and then when they came back from break he was like this one goes out to leslie that was at wild woodys tonight with the guys of sevendust..here's ugly. :) im still so ecstatic.

well id thought id share my happenings. i hope everyone has a good day :)
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