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Another Interview Where You Can Ask Questions

It seems like everyone is able to ask questions to sevendust. Hehe. Hey, never a bad thing.

I wish I could've posted this earlier but I've been at school. Real Magic TV is doing another interview with Sevendust (If you haven't seen the first one, watch it somehow! The live version of Angel's son is to die for)

Anyway, the host (who is a magician and creates these episodes where he asks fan questions, does magic for them, and puts it with concert footage online) is doing the interview the day after tomorrow!!! It's is way quick, but hey, we can still get some in, right?

Here's the e-mail about it! I'll bold the sevendust part :D

"We are giving away a brand new iPod nano in your choice of color (Black/White)!!! We've wanted to give away something really cool this month and the nano seemed like an obvious choice. You can enter the FREE contest now at:

In addition to your single entry from visiting the website, you will automatically get AN ADDITIONAL ENTRY for EACH REFERRAL POINT you have on your account!

So spread the word! The more friends you have sign up using your link, the more chances you have to win an iPod nano!

/// ANNA NALICK: We'll be sitting down with singer/songwriter Anna Nalick ( tomorrow (10/6) in Albany, NY. If you dig Anna and her music please feel free to send in some questions for the interview by going to:

/// SEVENDUST: We'll be sitting down with hard rockers Sevendust ( on Saturday (10/8) in Merriden, CT. Sevendust was one of the first artists we featured on the show. Drop us some questions for the band at:

/// MUSIC PLAYER LIVE!: Real Magic TV is going to be a featured media outlet at this year's Music Player Live conference in New York City. The conference is going to be an amazing event with several legendary musicians as well as up and comer's that are sure to be big in the coming months. Real Magic TV will be taping interviews with musicians at the event. This is a rare opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at what we do! The event takes place from October 21st-23rd in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, NYC. For more information and tickets visit:


I can't wait for the new interview!!!
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